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Cooking Class and Culinary Courses in Salerno Italy - Mediterranean Diet on Amalfi Coast

cooking class in italy

Learn how to cook italian food at the house of an Italian "mamma"! With traditional Italian recipes from the Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that Mediterranean Diet has its background in our territory? Check Wikipedia and learn how Salerno is so influent for this lifestyle!

In a few easy steps we teach you how to cook simple and tasty dishes from traditional Italian recipes.

The course will be conducted in a typical Italian environment, where a vigilant cook "mamma" will work with you with the same love and passion from the past for cooking to prepare and then enjoy homemade pasta, typical pasta sauces, meat or fish dishes, side dishes of seasonal vegetables and other plates typical of our southern Italy.

Eating well means living well and this is the philosophy we try to convey during the course. At the same time you can practice the Italian language and learn the idioms and expressions of southern dialect.

It's a really fantastic experience beccause you will be involved into te Real Italian Lifestyle, the Southern Style.

The course is divided into lessons with recipes that change with the seasons.

The basic recipe or preparation of the lesson may be decided by you in accordance with "Mamma"…

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With Accademia Leonardo cooking courses students can understand the secrets and the tecniques of the typical italian food recipes, how to make the best dishes of italian regional food, how to make pasta, homemade pasta, how to make pizza, learn the methods of cooking pomodoro (tomato sauce) and enjoying the perfumes, the smells, the taste of the different ingredients of the real italian cookery secrets, the uso of spices like garlic, parsley, cherry tomatoes.

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Multimedia Hall

Multimedia Hall

Our students have free access to the multimedia room where you can surf the Internet using school computers or connect to our free Wi-Fi network with their mobile devices.

Reading Room

Reading Room

In the afternoon the library is available to students for or reading. Moreover, one of the halls of the school, you can also watch television programs and films.

language Laboratory

language Laboratory

The students have at their disposal, free of charge, a wide range of audio and video cassettes for the improvement of phonetic language and to practice in the use of language structures.