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Parks and oasis in the surroundings

la costa cilentana la costa cilentana

Salerno and its surrounding

The Province of Salerno contains the biggest National Park in Europe, The Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. It spreads from Agropoli to Sapri, including one of the most beautiful territory in the world, from mountains to the sea, with its wonderful coastline.

Near Amalfi is the Natural Reserve of the Valle delle Ferriere, where the climate is so mild and temperate that the vegetation there is tripical, lush and rare.

Another protected area is the Regional Park of Monte Picentini comprising Monte Acellica (1700 m.c.) and the Monti Mai (1600 m.c.), rich with abundant springs The Calore, The Sabato, The Picentino, all start from Monte Acellica), woods full of chestnut trees and beech groves recently set out with paths for walkers to delight in the fresh, healthy air.

In the vicinity of Campagna one can visit the Park of Monte Polveracchio (1800 m.c.) refuge of the Appeninic wolf and the very rare black woodpecker.

Changing direction towards the mouth of the River Sele and along the course of its tributaries.

The Calore, and The Tanagro, we reach The Natural Reserve of the Foce Sele – Tanagro a protected area comprising the mouth of the River Sele and shores of The Sele, The Calore and The Tanagro. A habitat of Mediterranean vegetation including woods of black poplars, aspens. Elms and sheltering rare species such as the wildcat, the destrel. The sparrowhawk.

The WWF Oasis of Persano situated between the villages of Serre and Campagna, extends for 4500 hectares and includes part of the Rive Sele together with a lacustrine area of cane thickets and protective woods.

The eco-system preserves the habitat for otters, boars, weazels, beavers. As will as surpringly varied avifauna: cormorants, Royal kites, buzzards, herons, cenerinos, ducks, dab-chicks, pheasasants. (On the borders are to be found the Shooting Lodge which King Charles III of Bourbon, attracted by this place where he used to come shooting, had his architect Vanvitelli build in 1752). In the National Park of Cilento and Vallo of Diano the area is dominated by the mountain chain The Alburni whose peak reaches 1742 metres above sea level and is characterised by the karstic phenomenon of the Grottoes of Castecivita and of Pertosa (see Spelaeology).

The area comprises: the Natural Reserve Gole of Calore, where the river in a wild tangle of rocks and bushes foams and quietens in cyrstal clear terseness, here olive green, there indy blue, reminiscient of times long past.; the protected area of Monte Cervati 1898m. high, the highest in the entire province; Monte Sacro and Gelbison 1705 m. at whose peak is to be found The Sanctuary of the Madona of the Novi built on a pre-existing religious cult area and which for many thousands of years has been the destination of devoted religious pilgrims.

Multimedia Hall

Multimedia Hall

Our students have free access to the multimedia room where you can surf the Internet using school computers or connect to our free Wi-Fi network with their mobile devices.

Reading Room

Reading Room

In the afternoon the library is available to students for or reading. Moreover, one of the halls of the school, you can also watch television programs and films.

language Laboratory

language Laboratory

The students have at their disposal, free of charge, a wide range of audio and video cassettes for the improvement of phonetic language and to practice in the use of language structures.