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Salerno and its surrounding


Posidonia - Paestum. The Greek grandeur of Posidonia is in the beauty of her monuments. Two temples testify her Doric splendour. The most important is the ancient temple, absolutely the most beautiful of all Greek and Colnial art of the period dating back to VI century BC.

With the Heration of Olympia, of which only few columns remain. Hera’s Temple also known as Basilica, is the best preserved. It is a peripteral temple with 9 columns on the frontone and 18 on the sides, with tapered columns a the height of the capitals ‘with charming and sometimes sublime moulding’ (B. Zevi). Bruno Zevi in desribing the temple is overwhelmed, ‘the basilica’, he writes, ‘delights in the plains that surround it‘. ‘It is rooted in the landscape of Pesto’. ‘It is democratic, open to all from all sides’. ‘There abides in this column an tremulous value, a vague sense of instability, a formal poetic anxiety, only to be cancelled by the doctrinarian rigour of the V century’ to which, standing at its side in all its beauty, the temple of Posidonia belongs, a document of the time well preserved, imposing and decrous, pur Doric.

At Paestum in 1968, an encased tomb was discovered (now at the local National Archaeological Museum) whose frescoed slabs representing scenes of symposium and of a diver gliding into the water (hence its name Tomb of the Diver), are a the moment the only original examples of Greek mural painting dating cake to the years 470-480 BC) actually in our possession.

Elea - Velia. If Posidonia was seized by the Lucans in the 4th Century, Elea a Greek Focae Colony, seat of the most prestigous pre-Socrates philosophical school, patria of the Existential poet, Parmenide, remained Greek up to the Roman Conquest. A marine town with a profound sense of the state (bricks have been found with the inscription (A = Deomsia = Belonging to the State) order and information about everything concerning the repubblica. Majestic city walls barker at the lower parts due to their having onece been washed by the sea, can be seen at the entrance ot the excavations.


In a side are preserved stupendous paved streets, one of which leading to the wonderful ‘Porta Rosa’ a stone archomposing and perfect, a unique example of the round arches of Greek Architecture (dating back to the middle of 4th Century BC). The coins minted, very beautiful too, attest the degree of prosperity reached by this Greek town.

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