Scuola di lingua italiana a Salerno

Teaching Course IT-2011-693-003


Grundtvig Comenius Teaching Course IT-2011-693-003

The course is designed for future teachers or experienced teachers of Italian language who want to upgrade their teaching methods. For future teachers, the course is a training opportunity to the profession of teaching Italian to foreigners and a training to practice their preparation of teaching materials. For those with more experience, the course offers the opportunity to create and exchange teaching materials and share with other colleagues knowledge and ideals. The course will address the theoretical and practical issues related to the profession of teaching Italian and Italian teacher L2/LS. After a study of the communicative approach, great attention will be given to the study of techniques for developing language skills and their application for the creation of new and motivating teaching materials. Hours of observation in classes of different levels will be provided so that teachers can observe the dynamics of a class and experience what they have learned during the course.

Course Programme:

I Lesson

Principles of language teaching: learning and teaching of a first and a second language.Methods in language teaching: the grammar-translation method to fun teaching.

II Lesson

Features of learners. Internal and external factors. Styles and learning strategies. The interlingua. Factors affecting learning language (mother tongue and target language). Workshop: Analysis of test and exercises of Italian students. The recurring errors.

III Lesson

Language skills.Techniques for developing reading skills and comprehension. Different ways of reading a text. Workshop: criteria for selection of authentic material. Didactics of a text (article or story etc.). And creating activities to develop the activity of reading.

IV Lesson

Techniques for the Development of speaking. How to stimulate students' speech. Workshop: Creating teaching materials for speaking. V Lesson Techniques for developing listening. The analytic listening. Criteria for selection of the material.The song in the teaching of Italian as L2. teaching culture through music. Workshop: Didactics of Italian songs.

VI Lesson

The teaching of grammar. Techniques to reflect on the knowledge of grammar. Ditals Examinations: value and structure. Samples of past exams. Workshop: Creating educational activities using the techniques outlined.

VII Lesson

Analyse and select materials and teaching manuals. Learn Italian through the medium of Italian filmsMaking culture through the teaching material. Examples of cultural lessons.

VIII Lesson

The importance of intercultural communication. Improving writing skills: sample activities Workshop: Construction of educational materials from authentic texts.

IX Lesson

The characteristics of the teacher of Italian as LS/L2: theoretical knowledge, operational knowledge, the teacher's speech.Centrality of the student and the teacher's role: from the front to work in small groups.Improving group interaction: sample activities.

X Lesson

How to evaluate an oral exam, a written test, reading and listening. The analysis of the error.Samples of Past Ditals Exams. Workshop: creation of evaluation grids. 10 hours Observation in class to be scheduled with our secretary.

Multimedia Hall

Multimedia Hall

Our students have free access to the multimedia room where you can surf the Internet using school computers or connect to our free Wi-Fi network with their mobile devices.

Reading Room

Reading Room

In the afternoon the library is available to students for or reading. Moreover, one of the halls of the school, you can also watch television programs and films.

language Laboratory

language Laboratory

The students have at their disposal, free of charge, a wide range of audio and video cassettes for the improvement of phonetic language and to practice in the use of language structures.