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Italian language school in Italy Accademia Leonardo is a lively culture center, welcoming hundreds of students of italian language of every nationality who wish to begin to study and learn italian in italy and perfect their knowledge of the Italian language, while at the same time, want to experience Italian lifestyle in one of the most recommended destinations in our country, The Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy. The primary goal of the school is to increase the value of studying italian and encourage Italian language and culture with the help of our teachers who have been selected on the basis of their dedication, professionalism, communication skills, and personality. The primary purpose of the school is to enhance, promote and spread Italian language and culture from southern Italy to all over the world.

Accademia Leonardo is the only Italian school in Italy that have a professional kitchen where Cooking Courses of italian cookery are run together with italian language classes and are suit for students who wish to learn italian language and italian cooking at the same time.
Please visit our cooking school website Cucina di Classe 

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Italian language school Accademia Leonardo is officially recognised by the Italian local Authorities for Education (Provincia di Salerno - Assessorato alla Scuola - Provincial Borough for School - and Major House of Salerno). Accademia Leonardo Italian schools are recognised by the Swedish Institution for study abroad programs (CSN) and is a CILS examination center recognised by the "Università per Stranieri di Perugia", and also is a DITALS authorized center, the training program for teachers who want to teach italian language, recognised by the Università di Perugia. Also Accademia Leonardo is partner with schools of Italian in Rome and italian language school in Florence.

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