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The Italian Language School - Accademia Leonardo Salerno, Italy

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Accademia Leonardo is one of the most popular Italian language schools in Italy and it is focused on the study Italian abroad in Italy programs.
The schools primary goal is to increase the value of, encourage, and extend Italian language and culture, making use of our committed teachers who have been selected on the basis of their dedication, professionalism, communication skills, and personality.
Accademia Leonardo is situated in a historic noble building in the center of the City of Salerno. One side of the school overlooks the city’s botanical garden and Theatre Verdi, while the other side views the Gulf of Salerno and the Castle of the Prince Arechi. The location of the school is ideal with restaurants, pizzerias, shops, and beaches just a few steps away.Accademia Leonardo welcomes students into a warm and familiar environment. Our classrooms, coloured and decorated with fresco paintings, create a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere ideal for learning a new language. Each classroom is furnished and equipped with modern multimedia.


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