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Italian language schools in Italy, Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Rome. Study italian in Italy at the best for adults and kids. School in Rome and in Salerno

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Study italian language abroad in Italy with our italian summer courses on the wonderful spot of the Amalfi Coast in Salerno and in Rome

Learn Italian Language in our Schools for adults and kids in Southern Italy. Schools in Salerno and Rome
For many years, Accademia Leonardo, italian schools in Salerno, Italy, has been a lively culture  center, welcoming hundreds of students of italian language of every nationality who wish to begin to study and learn italian in italy and perfect their knowledge of the Italian language, while at the same time, want to experience Italian  lifestyle in one of the most recommended destinations in our country,  The Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy.
The primary goal of the italian school is to increase the value of studying italian and encourage Italian language and culture with the help of our teachers who have been selected on the basis of their dedication, professionalism, communication skills, and personality. The primary purpose of the school is to enhance, promote and spread Italian language and culture from southern Italy to all over the world
From 2014 Italian language School in Rome. Courses of italian language and Culture

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Italian language schools in Rome

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Learn italian in Italy with our recognised school
Italian language school Accademia Leonardo is officially recognised by the Italian local Authorities for Education (Provincia di Salerno - Assessorato alla Scuola - Provincial Borough for School - and Major House of Salerno).
Accademia Leonardo Italian schools are recognised by the Swedish Institution for study abroad programs (CSN) and is a CILS examination center recognised by the "Università per Stranieri di Perugia", and also is a DITALS authorized center, the training program for teachers who want to teach italian language, recognised by the Università di Perugia.  Also Accademia Leonardo is partner with schools of Italian in Rome and italian language school in Florence.

School location in Salerno
Accademia Leonardo is situated in a historic noble building in the center of the City of Salerno, the door to The Amalfi Coast. One side of the school overlooks the city’s botanical garden and the Municipal Teatro Verdi, while the other side views the Gulf of Salerno, The Amafi Coast and Cilento Coast and the Castle of the Prince Arechi.
The location of the school is ideal with restaurants, pizzerias, shops, and beaches just a few steps away. We also partner with schools offerind italian courses in Florence and Rome.

School location in Rome

School classrooms
Accademia Leonardo welcomes students into a warm and familiar environment. Our classrooms, coloured and decorated with fresco paintings, create a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere ideal for learning a new language. Each classroom is furnished and equipped with modern multimedia such as Wi-Fi connection, video and audio equipments.


Le scuole di inglese Accademia Leonardo Salerno sono un Centro Autorizzato Trinity
Centro autorizzato Trinity CollegeSei interessato ai nostri corsi di inglese a Salerno?
La nostra scuola offre Corso di Inglese, corso di Francese, corso di Tedesco, corso di Spagnolo, corso di Giapponese, corso di Russo, corso di Cinese, corso di Arabo.
Corsi di lingue straniere a Salerno, Scuole di inglese a Salerno
Summer Camp per ragazzi a Salerno

Multimedia Hall

Multimedia Hall

Our students have free access to the multimedia room where you can surf the Internet using school computers or connect to our free Wi-Fi network with their mobile devices.

Italian Language Courses

The primary goal of our courses is to create a communicative competence that will allow students to express themselves using the Italian language in the appropriate context in an efficient and coherent manner.
Our courses guide the student to utilise the Italian language beyond the context of the classroom and prepare them to interact in everyday situations. After the first day of class, the student will get in touch with the language, and will be encouraged to participate in numerous activities proposed by our teachers. Thanks to the interactions in our italian group class, students actively participate in the lessons taking on the leading role in their learning experience. Our courses do not neglect grammatical structures, but teach them to be used for the purpose of
communicating and expressing oneself.
Immediate application of vocabulary and grammatical structures to real-life situations is key to our method. The needs of each student are at the center of instruction. Each italian language teacher takes on the role of the facilitator, helping students apply what they''ve learned, allowing them to "make the language their own." Dialogues are not pre-arranged and memorised, but rather initiated by students based on authentic everyday situations.
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Reading Room

Reading Room

In the afternoon the library is available to students for or reading. Moreover, one of the halls of the school, you can also watch television programs and films.



Live in the south of Italy, feel like one of us!

The school offers accommodations for short or long periods of study.
Normally, accommodations are available from the day before the start of the course up until the afternoon following the completion of the
course. All accommodations are located within walking distance from the school. Accommodations will also be arranged by the school for students who wish to stay for a period exceeding four weeks.
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Among the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento Coast, Salerno has an ancient seafaring tradition and offers visitors the opportunity to completely ...



Among the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento Coast, Salerno has an ancient seafaring tradition and offers visitors the opportunity to completely ...